More Digging and Moving

The process for preparing the site for foundations requires the “pad” of dirt under the foundation slab to be properly conditioned.  Most of the dirt that’s been dug up over last few days will be put back into the hole.  Some of the debris from the fire will be removed, and the large concrete chunks will be taken to a site with a large crusher to be recycled.

The parking lot as we knew it will be dropped about one foot.  Expect 50-60 loads of material to be off-sited.

The picture below was taken Sept 24th at 10am.

These next two pictures show the digging and subsequent moving of large cement chunks. First some digging:

Then, some moving:

Digging Starts

This morning at 6:52 am the excavator arrived at the site, and at precicely 7:00 am digging began at 24 North 5th.

For the next week or so the gravel and debri on the surface will be scraped off and the remains of the old basement will be removed.

The soil will be then replaced and compacted, forming the “pad” for the concrete  “slab” which will then be poured.

Please keep the on-site team in your prayers as we begin this first phase of our construction project.

Last Look

Today we received news that our building permit has one more hurdle to pass.  We hope to have it in hand in the next two weeks.  Tomorrow the excavator will show up to begin the process of site preparation.  The picture below may be the last one taken before grading and construction begins.

Last picture before the digging begins