CMU 3rd Level and Sanctuary Windows

The sanctuary windows are clearly visible now.  Also evident is the large window in the pre-school as viewed from the Santa Clara Entrance.  Perspective, Parking Lot and Rotunda Views thru February also enclosed.

Sanctuary Windows 13-02-28

Sanctuary, multi-purpose room and youth room  sanctuary 13-02-28Location of the Jesus Window viewed from Santa Clara Street

Jesus Window from Santa Clara EntranceAdding grout filling to the third level of CMU on the Back of House Wall

CMU third level back of house

Perspective Viewperspective view 13-02-28

Rotunda View

Rotunda view 13-02-28

Parking Lot View

parking lot view 13-02-28-2

Taking Shape

As the third level of CMU construction is completed, you can begin to see the first floor take shape.  The pictures below show the emerging outlines of the sanctuary windows as well as the doors and windows on the North 5th Street side.

sanctuary windows

window outlines

west side view 13-02-24

Art Glass – Shaddows and Lines of Sight

The sanctuary art glass windows will be in the shadows most of the time during morning hours.  If you want to see the sun’s progress you can use the Axis NetCam to monitor the shadows during the day.

The five sanctuary windows will provide the only natural  light in the sanctuary.  The lines of sight from the sanctuary to the outside will include City Hall when viewed from the Eastern most windows and the Rotunda when viewed from the front of the sanctuary through the western most windows.

The line of sight from the quiet space at the top of the second floor stairs will include both City Hall and the Rotunda.

These views will become more pronounced as the third level of CMU construction is completed.

This is the view from the center of the sanctuary looking across Santa Clara Street.  Notice the trees that are barren now however will be leafed over soon.

city hall from center of sanctuary_resize

If you walk to the front of the sanctuary, the view through the western windows will look over the rotunda and points west:

city hall from front of sanctuary 13-02-13_resize

The line of sight from the second floor will include City Hall and the Rotunda:

Rotunda line of sight from Second floor landing x_resize

The sequence below shows the sun’s shaddows during the morning hours. These pictures were taken on January 22nd at 8:30, 9:40 and 10:50:




This last picture was taken a week later on January 29th just after 11 am.:


CMU Third Level

Last week inspection for the second level of CMU’s was completed and the third level was started.  This is a picture of the first section of the third level.  As this level is completed you will begin to see window outlines appear in the sanctuary.

You can also see the framing used in doorways as the constuction moves higher.

cmu starting third level

CMU Second Level Complete

With the foundation and slabs complete, scafolding was installed to finish the CMU (concrete masonry unit) walls.  Construction proceeds in up to 5′ increments with inspections at each level.

The pictures below provide an overview of the process curently underway.

The first step was to erect scafold across and around the entire site:


This is the view from the pre-school entrance from north 5th:

pre-school view 13-02-13_resize

The stone masons place each concrete block by hand, check for level in all directions, and use strings and measuring tapes to make ensure correct placement:

crafting the second four feet_resize

Moving tons of blocks requires skill on the part of the “high lift” operator:

concrete block high lifter_resize

Slab Poured on Eastern Side

The concrete for the sanctuary, multi-purpose room, third pre-school room and youth room was placed on February 1st.

The crew, aided by the multi-story concrete pump, made quick work of the job starting in the morning and finishing by mid-afternoon.

The pictures below capture the sequence of that day.