75 Ton Crane

75 ton crane from peninsula crane and riggingThe Peninsula Crane and Rigging  hydraulic truck crane used to transfer the steel from truck to building has capacity to lift 75 tons.  That rating is for loads within a 6′ diameter of crane center bearing (can you think of some object that weighs 150,000 pounds and is less than twelve feet across ? )

For our project the more important statistic was the ability to move up to 9,000 pounds at 80 feet from the truck.

75 five ton crane

Control center for the crane.

75 Ton Crane Cab

Big Steel Arrives

Two trucks loaded with steel beams, trusses and stairway inserts arrive Thursday morning April 4th.  These materials will be used in the next major phase of the building project.

Here are pictures showing the transfer of these beams and trusses from truck to sanctuary.

unloading open web steel joistThis crane has high reach and large capacity.

Unloading steel trussesSome trusses were staged in the open area before being arranged in the east and west sides of the building.

Parking Lot View 13-04-04 with new steel

Transfer from the holding area into the building.Moving Steel into Sanctuary

Nearly all steel has been transferred into the building. Parking Lot Panorama 13-04-04


Bike Racks

Diablo Valley Masonry was at the site today finishing the foundation work for the pre-school storage area, trash storage and Bike Racks !

Later this year we will be able to use the rapidly increasing bike network in San Jose to get to SJ First.

Here is the first of several pictures of the bike racks which will develop over the next few months.  The trash enclosure is on the left, new bike rack area on the right.

Bike Racks foundation

Here is a behind the scenes picture showing the pre-school storage area;

pre-school storage foundation

Preparing for OWSJ Installation

The next major step in the construction of our Church will be to install the second floor and roof supports.  Our architect, builder and structural engineering teams worked together to create a design incorporating a technique referred to as Open Web Steel Joist (OWSJ) construction technique.

Our design uses the strong Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) structure of the building with a few vertical beams attached to the concrete foundation plus steel trusses that will span the roof and also form the second floor foundation.  This approach saves considerable time and effort in the construction of our new Church.  And once these components are all locked together the design will be very strong.

In preparation for this next step Diablo Valley Masonry completd the walls including the “cut outs” that will provide the opening in the walls for the steel truss frames. By taking this approach our design team significantly reduced the cost of the building while maintaining high strength.

Below are a few pictures of the building highlighting the locations for a few of the steel trusses that will be installed this week.

Truss supports at rear framed by rotunda

Steel Joist Support Point

OWSJ West Wall

CMU Cut out for steel truss

Here are two more pictures taken April 4th just prior to the beginning steel truss instalation:

Sanctuary East Wall ready for steel

Sanctuary Rear Wall ready for Steel