View from Above

This is a view from the 11th floor of City Hall.  Over last few weeks much attention has been focused on inside tasks.  These pictures show progress on roof and rapid “greening” of Santa Clara Stree trees.

20130418_17-45-35 20130422_08-06-19

20130422_16-23-26 20130425_15-56-08 20130426_07-38-04 20130502_08-20-24




Pre-School 123

Framing progress continues in the eastern section of the building.  We will have three pre-school rooms that will also double as classrooms during church services.  The first pre-school room to be framed is “123”, located next to the sanctuary and adjacent to the youth room and multi-use room.

May 23rd Pictures

These pictures were taken May 23rd.  Progress continues on all floors.  Sheet rocking team is working on several areas.

The Youth Room Entry Way and Multi-purpose room entry are taking shape.

Youth room entry 130523 Multi Purpse Room Entry from Narthex

Sanctuary sheet rocking well along.

Sanctuary Sheetrocking 130523

Scaffolding is back outside the Atrium in preparation for window frames and exterial finishing.Atrium framed by rotunda 130523

Second floor framing continues.

second floor  from back stairs 130523

Materials are on third floor to build privacy fencing around HVAC.

Third floor from stairs 130523

Quiet Spot Taking Shape

The area at the top of the south stairs on the second floor will be used to view services during overflow periods and when families with children that may not be ready to sit through a service want to observe.  There will be a flat screen TV on the wall and speakers to enjoy the service.

At other times this space is expected to provide a gathering area for small groups or a private area for reading and quiet time.  Some have called this the “quiet spot” although it could be otherwise when used as the “crying room”.

Here are two pictures from May 23rd.  This first one is taken from the north looking to the quiet space from what will be the conference room entry.

Quiet Spot from North 130523This view of the quiet space is from the atrium overlook, facing east.Quiet Spot from West -130523

Fire Proofing

The fire marshal has a very strong input into new construction.  Many new buildings require fire proofing materials to be added to steel truss and support areas when they may be enclosed or above occupied space.

The pictures below show the fire proofing material being added to the truss structure in the western section of the building.

Fire proofing

Fire Proofing with without

fire proofing application

fire proofing close upFire Proofing from second floor

Second Floor Concrete in Place

Yesterday the concrete was placed for the second floor and stairwells.  Here are a few pictures taken today.

The beams at the corner of the atrium are now in place.  The Davison team is wrapping up details on both stairways and has some additional truss work remaining.  They are planning to finish up by next week.

Atrium from second floor 13-05-21 - 2This is a view from the rear stairs above the pre-school area looking south toward Santa Clara Street.

second floor from office area 13-05-21

This view is taken from the large second floor conference room looking toward the restrooms.  Notice the cutouts for the showers.showers facing eastThis is a view from the north end of the large conference room looking toward the elevator and atrium.  The showers are also visible in this view.Showers framed by atrium framingThis is a view taken from the hallway between the second floor restrooms and conference room looking toward the admin area. showers looking north