New Structures on North Fifth

You may have noticed three tall column-like structures being framed in on the western side of the building.  After redesign to simplify the structural aspect of these three towers, our architect and structural engineer came up with a straightforward approach that accomplished our needs.

They preserved the look of the building, provided needed space for closets, fire risers and electrical access, eliminated the need for these to be load bearing, and saved significant cost.

The column on the left will provide electrical chase access for the western side of the building.  The center one serves as closet space for the community service room.  The one on the right as you look at the building is a fire riser.

This was another example of the teamwork between our general contractor South Bay Construction, our architect Vitae Associates, and structural engineer Structural Engineers, Inc. to maintain functionality and building aesthetics while reducing cost and simplifying construction.

The pictures below are the columns viewed from street level looking east and from the third floor looking west.

Columns on N fifth

columns viewed from roof

Gas Line Connection

You may have noticed digging on N Fifth last week.  That was the gas line being connected.  Surprisingly, it actually enters the Church on Santa Clara street side.

The first picture is the gas line in front of the building. Then a few shots of the N Fifth street digging.

gas line on santa clara

gas line digging gas line installation

Sanctuary Lighting

The sanctuary will have six rows of pendant lighting from front to back.  There will be “wall washer” lighting on the side and rear walls.  Control of the rows of  lighting will be from this panel in the tech booth.  sanctuary lighting

Once the tech booth front wall is completed there will be a second nearly identical panel that can be accessed from the sanctuary. The tech booth itself will have a roll up window in the front to provide clear line of sight to the activities in the sanctuary.

Tech Both

In addition to these light panels there will be a master timer control that will turn lights off in the evening and on in the morning.  That will save energy and time to check the sanctuary each evening after use.

The inside electrical room (the main room is entered from North Fifth Street) is next to the tech booth.  Electrical panels are now in place.  The transormer will be installed after sheet rocking is completed so as not to interfere with the scissor lifts that must access the room to lift the sheetrock in place.

electrical roomThe main conduits into the primary electrical room are complete.  These run to the transformer enclosure outside the buildng.

electrical conduits to the main power room

Initial conduit work has started in the western side of the building.

electrical conduit installation

Ironwork Nearly Complete

The team from Davison Ironworks is nearly finished with their part of our project.  They started with four walls and have now added beams, columns, trusses, roof support, second floor structure and stairways throughout our entire church.

A small item was finished off today, the trash enclosure.

trash enclosure steel

Here is a view of the cockpit of the highlifter – a highly maneuverable vehicle that can move forward and back, turn tight corners with counter-steering front and rea wheels and even “crab” left or right when called upon to do so.high lifter


Update on Several Fronts

These pictures were taken earlier today.  They cover the atrium, fire safety in the western side, a view from the pre-school entrance and a few interesting structural details.

Progress on many fronts is moving quickly.  Future blogs may be general in nature covering several areas.  Some may jump back and provide updates to previous blogs.

Additional information may be added to these pictures at a future date.

Atrium corner view 13-05-13 Atrium structural connection beam truss water safety fire safety details on west side Pre-school entrance view East  13-05-13 rotunda viewed from second floor sanctuary from data room 13-05-13 structural detail on  atrium beam