Sanctuary Platform and Tech Both

Significant projects were completed in the Sanctuary over the last week.

Painting of the east wall was completed.sanctuary east wall 130722

The concrete for the platform was poured.

sanctuary painting

Sanctuary Pulpit PouredWiring in the techbooth for AVL equipment is proceeding and switches for the control of seven rows of lights in the sanctuary was installed.  These lights can be controlled from inside the tech booth or in the sanctuary.

Tech booth Vertical Perspective three-way sanctuary lights



Painting Continues

Painting conintues is many areas of the Church.  Each day additional rooms are painted.  In some cases this is the preparation/primer for the final finish.  In other cases the painting being completed is the final finish, for example in the youth room and back-of-house.sanctuary painting

Youth Room Paintedyouth room 130722sign of the times in youth roomBack of the house painted.

back of house painted


Sheetrocking Leads to Ceilings

Sheetrock has been installed in a majority of the building now.  There is some touch up and a few areas are yet to be completed.  As sheetrocking is completed ceiling frames are installed so electrical and HVAC systems can be finished.

These pictures are of pre-school rooms.

ceiling tile in pre-school No2-rm 107 community service room sheetrocking pastors offices framing pre-school framing in room 106 pre-school room 107 from playgroundSheetrocking complex areas such as the entry way to the roof deck can be tricky.

sheetrocking third floor entrywayThe kitchen serving door is now installed.

Kitchen Serving Door

HVAC work continues in the Western conference room.NTBCC N with HVAC 130717


Up in the Clouds

As you may have noticed in previous drawings, there will be “clouds” hanging just below the Sanctuary ceilings.  These will be both cosmetic as well as functional.  Construction of these rectangular shapes has started.

sanctuary clouds 130717 cloud frames fire safety in the clouds


Network Wiring

Even though a majority of the connectivity we utilize in our daily live today is via wireless technology, there are many wires in the walls, ceilings and passageways that enable this technology.  In the new Church there will be hard wired phones, networks for transferring data, and wireless access point that are driven by hard wires.

The pictures below, taken July 11th, are a random sampling of wires and in many cases bundles of wires that support our connectivity in a safe, reliable manner.

Ntwrk_Wire_0014 Ntwrk_Wire_0013 Ntwrk_Wire_0012 Ntwrk_Wire_0011 Ntwrk_Wire_0010 Ntwrk_Wire_0009 Ntwrk_Wire_0008 Ntwrk_Wire_0007 Ntwrk_Wire_0006 Ntwrk_Wire_0005 Ntwrk_Wire_0004 Ntwrk_Wire_0003 Ntwrk_Wire_0002 Ntwrk_Wire_0001

Second Floor Restoom Plumbing

These July 11th pictures provide a glimpse at the structures that support the toilets and connect them to the water sources and drains – usually not seen as they are behind the walls.

restroom plumbingrestroom sink plumbingAlso not usually seen are the “rated shafts” that connect one floor to another. In case of fire, these passageways between floors must remain in tact for one hour under varying degress of temperature.

rated access shaft