Overhead Door for Atrium

A large aluminum frame overhead door will separate the Atrium from Narthex.  This will allow groups to use the community service room with access to the restrooms without gaining access to the entire building.

The pictures below show the door installed in the atrium by our contractor Barton Overhead Door.

Barton Overhead Door.jpeg

atrium E view - overhead gate 130711 overhead door contols overhead door emergency over-ride

Second Floor Sheetrocking

These July 11th pictures provide update on second floor sheet rocking.

Sheetrocking the admin area.

Admin area sheetrocking 130711

Admin area 130711

Back Stairs  back stairs first floor view.jpeg back stairs second floor.jpeg

Break area next to admin area, with entry to conference room 210 Break Area 131107.jpeg

Framing complete on Western conference room with East wall sheetrocked NTBCC North view 130711

Multi purpose room framed, sheetrock in progress. Pastors offices and conf room 130711

Framing complete on upstairs bathrooms, with sheet rock starting. Ventilation to the two shower rooms is still to be completed.second floor shower areas waiting HVAC re-alignment womens 2nd floor RR 130711

Pre-School Framing and HVAC

These June 24th pictures provide an update on the progress of the pre-school area.

Framing is complete and HVAC duct work is in place.

pre-school framing 130624pre-school HVAC 130624These are hallway views facing East and West, respectively.pre-school hallway pre-school hallway W view 130624Access space behind pre-school area by first floor rear stairway.  space behind pre-school

Framing Continues on Second Floor

These pictures were taken June 24th as framing continued on the second floor.

Admin area and doorways to pastors’ offices.

admin area 062413The large conference room above the community service room. NTBCC South view 130624Second floor quiet space with entry to data room shown on left second floor quiet space 130624The shower stalls were also added as they needed to be placed before the framing around them proceeded. showers 130624