Cross Blessing and Raising

On Sunday, October 13th the congregation visited the new Church site for a tour and blessing of the cross.

The picture below was taken as the congregation formed a Circle of Inspiration after the blessing.Cross Blessing Oct 13th

On Monday, October 14th a crane arrived at 24 North Fifth to install the final roof railing for the roof deck and the cross.  Pictures of the crane set-up were published in a previous blog, and are HERE.

Everyone was very pleased to see Jim Crawford at the site.Jim Crawford at Cross Raising

The pictures of the cross being raised from the staging area to the top of the cross tower are below.cross rigging in placecross re-touchcross framed by vintage towerCross passes between VT and City Halcross framed by city hall cross in place cross placement looking EThe rigging team found a small mis-alignment between the bracket on the cross and the structural component supporting the cross.  A decision was made to re-work the bracket rather than modify it in-place.

cross slight mis-alignment

The cross is expected to be installed on Friday, October 18th.

You can read more about the history of the Church in Today’s San Jose Mercury News Article.


Roof Railing Raising

On Monday, October 14th a crane showed up at Church to install the Cross.  Before that project the crane was used to put in place the last piece of the roof deck – a railing on the connector walk between roof terrace and the back stairways.

The pictures below were taken as the railing was raised into place.

The first step was to assemble the crane and position it for the lifts.Crane viewed from SW corner Crane Prepares for Lifting Crane framed by City Hall

Once the crane was in place, the railing was moved from the staging area to the roof deck.

Railing framed by Vintage Towerrailing framed by city hall  Railing in the air Railing nearing the roof railing nearly in placerailing in place.

Elevators Operational – about ThyssenKrupp

Previous blogs described the construction of our elevator from empty concrete shaft (  to a working elevator – my first ride !

The ThyssenKrupp team has completed the programming and adjustment of the elevator and its ready for inspection, or will be soon.

Elevator Ready

You may have seen the article about the raising of our cross in today’s Mercury News.  If not, its HERE

It is interesting that much of our early Church history was taking place at the time ThyssenKrupp was born through a merger of two German steel companies, Thyssen AG founded in 1891 and Krupp founded in 1811.

AVL, Sidewalk Concrete and Break Room

These pictures taken this afternoon show progress with AVL, sidewalk concrete and other interior spaces.

Much of the work for security, networking and AVL is behind walls and above ceiling tile.  Work is underway on the light bars in the sanctuary that will support speakers and lights.Installing AVL Light Bars Light Bar supports

Cabinetry in the break room is being installed.break room cabinets

On the outside, concrete footers are in place for the western sidewalk and Santa Clara street sidewalks.Concrete finishing outside atrium Concrete Finishing Santa Clara concrete forms West Wall

The western conference room is nearing completion.  The south end will host the Gethsemane window.Western conference room 131010
The construction trailer is gone as seen from these two pictures showing the empty lot that has served as a staging ground during construction.Construction Trailer Gone Parking Lot View 131010

Cleanup Continues in Atrium and Other Areas

All significant structural work is complete with the exception of the cross and art glass.  Most areas in the building are being cleaned and are in final form for occupancy. Several areas of the Church are highlighted in these pictures taken October 8th.

The admin area painting is complete.

admin area 131008The atrium is getting cleaned and doors installed.  This first picture shows the connections for the display boards – digital screens that will provide information to visitors and passers-by.atrium displayAtium SW view 131008Atrium SW view lower 131008Admin Area and Pre-school also taking shape.

admin area 131008 Pre-school hall tile

Roof Deck Nearing Completion

These pictures taken Oct 8th show the progress made on the roof and the near-completion of the roof fence which separates the HVAC equipment from occupied spaces on the roof.

This view is from the 3rd floor lobby Roof Deck LobyThe base of the tower is ready to receive the cross

Roof deck E view The views below show progress from several angles on the roof roof deck NE view 131008roof deck NW view 131008 Roof Fence Gate roof view looking SE 131008

Punch Lists, Roof Fence and Sanctuary Sun

The site was busy this morning with contractors working on their punch lists in final preparation for completing this project.

Final coats of paint were being applied and fire safety systems were being tuned up with final covers and fixtures.atrium view SW 131001Some new areas were active including the roof fence that surrounds the HVAC equipment and keeps occupants on the roof deck.  roof fence frames rotunda roof fence brace installationRoof deck Western viewThe admin area and break area admin area painted 2nd floor break area

View of the tower and upper rock wall framed by City Hall.

Tower framed by wall and city hallAt 9:40 the sun was shining brightly on the eastern most window in the sanctuary.Sanctuary South Wall sun bright on left