Art Glass – Shaddows and Lines of Sight

The sanctuary art glass windows will be in the shadows most of the time during morning hours.  If you want to see the sun’s progress you can use the Axis NetCam to monitor the shadows during the day.

The five sanctuary windows will provide the only natural  light in the sanctuary.  The lines of sight from the sanctuary to the outside will include City Hall when viewed from the Eastern most windows and the Rotunda when viewed from the front of the sanctuary through the western most windows.

The line of sight from the quiet space at the top of the second floor stairs will include both City Hall and the Rotunda.

These views will become more pronounced as the third level of CMU construction is completed.

This is the view from the center of the sanctuary looking across Santa Clara Street.  Notice the trees that are barren now however will be leafed over soon.

city hall from center of sanctuary_resize

If you walk to the front of the sanctuary, the view through the western windows will look over the rotunda and points west:

city hall from front of sanctuary 13-02-13_resize

The line of sight from the second floor will include City Hall and the Rotunda:

Rotunda line of sight from Second floor landing x_resize

The sequence below shows the sun’s shaddows during the morning hours. These pictures were taken on January 22nd at 8:30, 9:40 and 10:50:




This last picture was taken a week later on January 29th just after 11 am.: