AV Conduit, Vapor Barrier and Insulation Complete

The plumbing has been inspected and covered up since the last post.Plumbing installed and inspected_resize

Trenches for the in-slab Audio Visual conduit that will link the pulpit area with the Tech Booth were dug, conduit installed, junction boxes attached and inspection complete.

Crushed stone was laid over the entire first floor areas, a vapor barrier was added, and insulation placed on the sanctuary area where radiant heat will be installed.

Here are additional pictures taken over the last couple of weeks.

The panorama shot above showed the downstairs area after plumbing was installed and inspected. The next picture is taken from the pre-school corner looking toward the kitchen and atrium, followed by a picture taken inside the sanctuary from the back looking toward the platform.View of Atrium Restrooms and Comm Service Room_resize

Adjusting Podium Junction Boxes_resizeWhat started as a huge stone pile has turned into a smooth consistent layer over the entire Church.crushed stone for trench filling_resize

This is the trencher used to dig the AV conduit paths.Trenching for AV conduits_resize

The conduit runs will deliver power and data to locations under the bell tables, on the platform, and too the band members.  The in-slab junction boxes are made so part of the top can be ground down flush with the cement floor.

You can see the vapor barrier and insulation in the sanctuary from the Axis Network camera.  20130125_11-20-58The second picture is another view of the sanctuary showing the completed insulation which will help boost the efficiency of the radiant heat.Insulation covering sanctuary_resize

The in-slab junction boxes are made to be ground down flush with the sanctuary floor.  There are five conduit runs from the back of house to the platform and sanctuary stage right under the bells and stage left under the band.In- slab junction box_resizeBack of house connections to in-slab data boxes_resize