AVL, Sidewalk Concrete and Break Room

These pictures taken this afternoon show progress with AVL, sidewalk concrete and other interior spaces.

Much of the work for security, networking and AVL is behind walls and above ceiling tile.  Work is underway on the light bars in the sanctuary that will support speakers and lights.Installing AVL Light Bars Light Bar supports

Cabinetry in the break room is being installed.break room cabinets

On the outside, concrete footers are in place for the western sidewalk and Santa Clara street sidewalks.Concrete finishing outside atrium Concrete Finishing Santa Clara concrete forms West Wall

The western conference room is nearing completion.  The south end will host the Gethsemane window.Western conference room 131010
The construction trailer is gone as seen from these two pictures showing the empty lot that has served as a staging ground during construction.Construction Trailer Gone Parking Lot View 131010