Being Good Neighbors

Construction sites are not always clean, neat or quiet.  South Bay Construction and their contractors take safety and neatness seriously, however, as is evident by many small signs around the site.

During the muddy season over last month construction proceeded pretty much on schedule.  Delivery trucks, especially the cement trucks, entered the site daily and frequently.  Before leaving the site they were power washed to remove as much mud and dust as possible.  While there are signs of heavy traffic in the street, there are no large mud tracks or dirt piles.

That’s due to the conscientiousness of the SBC supervisor Larry Smedly and the many subcontractors.

These pictures show the trap-trays used to catch loose mortar that may have strayed onto the roof of the noodle house during construction of the east wall and the plastic “drapes” used to protect the adjacent Vintage Tower parking lot.

Protecting the Noodle House Roof

Protecting the garage roof