Bike Racks, Atrium and Community Service Room

As Pastor Shinya said at last Sunday’s service, we hope our new building will be used 77/24/365.  The Church has been designed with easy access for our congregation as well as community groups.

Alarm System - CSRThe community service room will be accessible from North Fifth street and will feature one-time, disposable numeric codes for easy entry without loaning out keys for each use.  Groups may have access to the community service room only, or Atrium and restrooms as well.

There is a sink and storage cabinet in the community service room and cabinets in the Atrium which can be used for coffee and snacks before and after services.  No foods or beverages will be allowed in the Sanctuary other than water.Community Service Room

Atrium 3pm ShaddowsAtrium CabinetryConcrete next to the building where bike racks will soon be installed was finished on Friday.    Place for Bike Racks

One thought on “Bike Racks, Atrium and Community Service Room

  1. As bikers to PG UMC we are looking for a rack and wondered if there is one with the Methodist logo. Would like to see your finished rack, but maybe it is inside the shed I see here.

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