CMU Grouting Completed

Greetings to all in the New Year !

On Wednesday, December 19th (a sunny but wet and muddy day as you may recall)  the grouting was completed for the first 4′ section of the C MU walls.  The process is shown below.

The previous post  explains how the CMU wall construction is completed using the foundation, rebar, and concrete blocks.  The final step includes the application of inside each of the “columns” created by the “H-shaped” blocks.  The pictures below show the arrival of the cement truck (grout is simply cement with a higher density of concrete) and the grout pump used to apply the grout to each section.

Once the grout is pumped into each section, it is “agitated” (using a device like an electric drill with a long flexible tubing that vibrates when placed inside the grout) to ensure proper settling and adhesion to the cement blocks and rebar.

The final result is the first 4′ of CMU ready for inspection.

Wet and muddy

Grout arrives Grout Pump Transfer to Grout pumpPumping Grout Grout AgittorRotunda Backdrop Grouting West Wall Grout