Cross Rising

Today was a major event in the construction of the new Church.  At 10:00 am the base of the cross was attatched to the lower side of the tower structure.  Over the next few weeks the tower will gain an additional six feet in height, then the Cross will be assembled and installed.

cross arrivesThe cross brace arrived this morning and while not large or extremely heavy it had to be placed on the south side of the building.

A long-reach crane was used for the job, after its high-boom extension was swung into place. The swing is controlled by hydraulics.crane unfolding -1crane unfolding -2crane unfolding -3

The roof looking northwest from the SE corner.roof view looking NW 130808

The brace was lifted off the truck and then crossed over the sanctuary to the base of the tower. cross brace on way upcross over the sanctuary

Next step was to lower it into position on the tower structures.brace dropping into place-2 brace dropping into place-3

It was then held in place while workers bolted it to the bottom of the tower. cross brace - workers bolting in place cross brace in place

Here is the view after crane’s job was comlete.roof view looking NE after cross brace in place

That base is now visible from the parking lot – – – cross viewed from parking lot 130808– – – as well as from the east side of City Hall.Cross Rising behind the trees

View from IT conference room 11th floor.cross brace - axis view