Elevators Operational – about ThyssenKrupp

Previous blogs described the construction of our elevator from empty concrete shaft (http://sanjosefirst.com/elevevator-construction-begins/)  to a working elevator – my first ride !

The ThyssenKrupp team has completed the programming and adjustment of the elevator and its ready for inspection, or will be soon.

Elevator Ready

You may have seen the article about the raising of our cross in today’s Mercury News.  If not, its HERE

It is interesting that much of our early Church history was taking place at the time ThyssenKrupp was born through a merger of two German steel companies, Thyssen AG founded in 1891 and Krupp founded in 1811.

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  1. Thanks for the interesting historical info!
    (I, too, have a ThyssenKrupp elevator and it hasn’t broken down yet.)

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