Entryways Take Shape

The primary entry way to the Church will likely be via the Atrium off S Fifth Street.  The secondary entry way will be from Santa Clara which will provide easiest access to the Narthex, Sanctuary and upper floors if the Atrium gate is down.

The pictures below show these views looking into and out of the Church.  There is also an Atrium view from the second floor balcony.

Atrium entryway.Atrium 130919Atrium north wall provides platform for AC, Data and AV. Atrium Camera Mounting PointCorner post in Atrium provides access for data and power for two displays. Atrium Corner with AV AccessAtrium entrance viewed from second floor Atrium second floor 130919Atrium north wall viewed from SE corner.  Notice community service room on left. Atrium View NE from SW corner View of the Narthex from Santa Clara Entrance. santa clara entry 130919View looking south through Santa Clara entry way from Narthex.

Santa Clara from Narthex looking southWest wall of Narthex faces Santa Clara Exit.

Front Entrance Camera Mounting Point