First Step to Second Floor

Last week I had the opportunity to connect with Chas Pratt, our supervisor  from Diablo Valley Masonry , the team responsible for the excellent masonry work now under way.  He provided some background information I think others might enjoy.

As you can see from the picture below, wall construction has now proceeded to the second floor.  Eventually the walls will be as high as the rebar extending out from the unfinished wall (also see below).

Second floor beginsThe use of a CMU construction technique developed by SEI in conjunction with our architect Vitae, coupled with simplified steel infrastrucure , enabled our builder South Bay Construction to provide a larger more functional building than the previous approach.  More details in a previous blog:  CMU Wall Construction Begins.

The second floor will be attached to large steel plates embedded in the CMU frame.  Strengh for these attachment points is increased by removing some of the concrete block structure and replacing it with concrete grout.

You can see portions of the CMU structure on the Fifth Street wall removed here in anticipation of such strenghening.block open for mortar

Also notice the steel plates in the wall on the East side of the building.   This would be the wall adjacent to the Noodle House.back of house wall

Steel plates are also evident in the south kitchen wall (notice the door to the pantry) and sanctuary rear walls.


second floor supportsHere are two more pictures showing the heighth of the second floor.  The first is the pre-school wall looking north and the youth room as viewed from the sanctuary.

tall walls over pre-school

youth room walls

This last picture is a “fish eye view” of the pre-school entrance, utility room and Community Service room as viewed from North Fifth Street.

north fifth fisheye 13-03-05

Here are additional pictures taken a day later.  The wooden framing has been removed from the rear sanctuary wall and the second floor plates are now visible.

vintage tower frames sanctuary wall 2nd floor structure

The pre-school wall continues to rise, and the rotunda frames this wall as viewed from the north in the next picture. pre-school wall rising pre-school framed by rotunda

Another view of pre-school wall with city hall in the hall frames pre-school