Network Wiring

Even though a majority of the connectivity we utilize in our daily live today is via wireless technology, there are many wires in the walls, ceilings and passageways that enable this technology.  In the new Church there will be hard wired phones, networks for transferring data, and wireless access point that are driven by hard wires.

The pictures below, taken July 11th, are a random sampling of wires and in many cases bundles of wires that support our connectivity in a safe, reliable manner.

Ntwrk_Wire_0014 Ntwrk_Wire_0013 Ntwrk_Wire_0012 Ntwrk_Wire_0011 Ntwrk_Wire_0010 Ntwrk_Wire_0009 Ntwrk_Wire_0008 Ntwrk_Wire_0007 Ntwrk_Wire_0006 Ntwrk_Wire_0005 Ntwrk_Wire_0004 Ntwrk_Wire_0003 Ntwrk_Wire_0002 Ntwrk_Wire_0001