Cleanup Continues in Atrium and Other Areas

All significant structural work is complete with the exception of the cross and art glass.  Most areas in the building are being cleaned and are in final form for occupancy. Several areas of the Church are highlighted in these pictures taken October 8th.

The admin area painting is complete.

admin area 131008The atrium is getting cleaned and doors installed.  This first picture shows the connections for the display boards – digital screens that will provide information to visitors and passers-by.atrium displayAtium SW view 131008Atrium SW view lower 131008Admin Area and Pre-school also taking shape.

admin area 131008 Pre-school hall tile

Roof Deck Nearing Completion

These pictures taken Oct 8th show the progress made on the roof and the near-completion of the roof fence which separates the HVAC equipment from occupied spaces on the roof.

This view is from the 3rd floor lobby Roof Deck LobyThe base of the tower is ready to receive the cross

Roof deck E view The views below show progress from several angles on the roof roof deck NE view 131008roof deck NW view 131008 Roof Fence Gate roof view looking SE 131008

Punch Lists, Roof Fence and Sanctuary Sun

The site was busy this morning with contractors working on their punch lists in final preparation for completing this project.

Final coats of paint were being applied and fire safety systems were being tuned up with final covers and fixtures.atrium view SW 131001Some new areas were active including the roof fence that surrounds the HVAC equipment and keeps occupants on the roof deck.  roof fence frames rotunda roof fence brace installationRoof deck Western viewThe admin area and break area admin area painted 2nd floor break area

View of the tower and upper rock wall framed by City Hall.

Tower framed by wall and city hallAt 9:40 the sun was shining brightly on the eastern most window in the sanctuary.Sanctuary South Wall sun bright on left

Neighborhood Views

These pictures were taken this afternoon around 3pm.They show the new Church from various angles from along N Fifth Street and Santa Clara. cropped-Perspective-View-130919.jpg

Perspective View 130923 Rotunda View 130923 Sanctuary External view 130923Notice the effect of the shade trees on the Sanctuary windows.IMG_6254 IMG_6252 IMG_6251 IMG_6250 IMG_6249 IMG_6248 IMG_6247

From some angles you can also see the north side of the tower base and the frames for the two panels of glass.  From many angles the north side of the tower base is not visible.IMG_6239 IMG_6240 IMG_6241 IMG_6242 IMG_6243 IMG_6244 IMG_6245 IMG_6246IMG_6247

Entryways Take Shape

The primary entry way to the Church will likely be via the Atrium off S Fifth Street.  The secondary entry way will be from Santa Clara which will provide easiest access to the Narthex, Sanctuary and upper floors if the Atrium gate is down.

The pictures below show these views looking into and out of the Church.  There is also an Atrium view from the second floor balcony.

Atrium entryway.Atrium 130919Atrium north wall provides platform for AC, Data and AV. Atrium Camera Mounting PointCorner post in Atrium provides access for data and power for two displays. Atrium Corner with AV AccessAtrium entrance viewed from second floor Atrium second floor 130919Atrium north wall viewed from SE corner.  Notice community service room on left. Atrium View NE from SW corner View of the Narthex from Santa Clara Entrance. santa clara entry 130919View looking south through Santa Clara entry way from Narthex.

Santa Clara from Narthex looking southWest wall of Narthex faces Santa Clara Exit.

Front Entrance Camera Mounting Point

Roof Deck Concrete

watchful eyeThis morning the concrete pump was set up and ready to go by 7:30.  Forms were checked for final level and the concrete truck rolled in shortly after 8.  The teams completed the pour around 10:30. All under the watchful eye of Larry Smedley.

When the city planning deparment requested a change in our plans from pavers to poured concrete for the roof patio our structural engineer, architect and general contractor re-designed the roof deck which delayed the project and increased the cost of the new Church.  The pour this morning used light-weight concrete poured over re-bar which in turn was supported by a layer of foam planks.  The resulting concrete varied in thickness from 3″ to 5″.  It was then stamped to provide a paver-like surface.

These pictures show the equipment set-up. perspective view 130916parking lot view130916concrete pump ready

Lines and forms were checked on last time for level and height.checking for level checking for level S view checking for level SW view

roof view NE 130916The concrete pump boom was then positioned for the pour.positioning concrete feedconcrete pump framed by rotunda and city hall ready for roof pour SE view

First concrete on the roof !first concreteroof pour first load

Finished  the shortly after 10:30