Parking Lot View

The pictures below are views of the Church as seen from the parking on 5th street.  These are what people see now as they walk to the new building.  When completed, this will be what people see when they walk from the parking lot to our Church.  For now, many of these are taken inside the construction fence to provide a better sense of the project.

This March 18, 2014 view shows the nearly completed playground.parking lot view 140318

This September 11th view shows the progress of stucco on the North Walls including the painted exterior youth room wall.Parking Lot View 130911

This July 30th view shows preparation for stucco well under way.parking lot view 130730

This April 10th view shows steel beams for eastern section of the building being unloaded.

parking lot view 13-04-10

This view was taken on March 27th. The second story is complete and the window outline for the administrative offices are clearly visible.

Parking Lot view 13-03-27

On March 11th the second floor is clearly visible as it becomes taller than the Vintage Tower parking lot:

parking lot view 13-03-11

This view was taken March 11th from St. James Street:

Parking Lot view from afar 13-03-11

The March 5th view shows the beginning of the second floor construction:

parking lot view 13-03-05

View as of February 13th showing the completion of the second level of CMU’s and the scafolding in place:

parking lot view 13-02-13_resize

View taken Jan 28th with rebar nearly complete on west side of building.parking lot panorama Jan 28

This is the view taken on January 3rd after the first 4′ of CMU had been finished and plumbing work was underway.

parking lot view 130103

This is a panoramic view of the site after the foundation was poured and at the begining of the first layer of wall blocks on December 10th..

parking lot view 121210

This picture was taken just before the foundation pour on December 4th.

121204 Parking Lot View

Parking Lot view Sep 27 2012

Parking Lot View August 28, 2012

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