Projects Finished Friday

Work continues on internal finishing, many of which are referred to as “tennant furnished”.  These are projects completed by contractors hired by SJ First and installed after general construction is completed or nearly completed. Pictures of these projects below were taken on Friday.

Audio visual systems in the Sanctuary supplied by Zamar and other locations of the building as well as networking system hardware installed by Ageeva are two examples.Sanctuary Second SpeakerNetworking in Data Room

Alarm System-preschoolSecurity and network wiring is being supplied by PSS Electronics.Security Pads Complete

Kitchen equipment is another SJFIRST-driven project.Kitchen after inspectiion

Below are a few other pictures taken Friday including our recently-installed Cross, the pre-school hallway, quiet space at the top of the second floor landing and second floor western conference room.Cross framed by city hall and rotunda Pre-school Hallway Colors Quiet Space Carpeting Western Conference Room

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