Ready to Pour

Over Thanksgiving weekend we had 4″ of rain in San Jose.  That was enough to create quite a mud pit at the construction site but not enough to delay the pouring of the foundation.  SBC is focused on schedule now, so loss of today’s pour could have set them back a few days given the forecast.  Kudos to their teams for completing the pour.

The pictures below were taken this morning as they wrapped up preparations for the pour by cleaning out some of the forms to remove any mud that would reduce the required clearances.  The pictures below show both the footers that surround the building as well as the foundation supports for the roof and upper floors.

After preparation and inspections, the cement pump showed up to prepare for the pour which took place late morning through mid-afternoon.

121204 Muddy Start121204 Forms Ready121204 Digging Out121204 Column Footing121204 Cement Pump Arrives