Roof Deck Concrete

watchful eyeThis morning the concrete pump was set up and ready to go by 7:30.  Forms were checked for final level and the concrete truck rolled in shortly after 8.  The teams completed the pour around 10:30. All under the watchful eye of Larry Smedley.

When the city planning deparment requested a change in our plans from pavers to poured concrete for the roof patio our structural engineer, architect and general contractor re-designed the roof deck which delayed the project and increased the cost of the new Church.  The pour this morning used light-weight concrete poured over re-bar which in turn was supported by a layer of foam planks.  The resulting concrete varied in thickness from 3″ to 5″.  It was then stamped to provide a paver-like surface.

These pictures show the equipment set-up. perspective view 130916parking lot view130916concrete pump ready

Lines and forms were checked on last time for level and height.checking for level checking for level S view checking for level SW view

roof view NE 130916The concrete pump boom was then positioned for the pour.positioning concrete feedconcrete pump framed by rotunda and city hall ready for roof pour SE view

First concrete on the roof !first concreteroof pour first load

Finished  the shortly after 10:30


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