Rotunda View

This is a view of San Jose First Church from the City Hall Rotunda.

This is the April 10th view after the comletion of art glass instalation.  Also notice the digital display signboard in the Atrium lobby.rotunda view 140410

This was the view on April 8th during the art glass installation.rotunda view 140408

This was the view on January 7th.rotunda view 140107

On July 30th this was the view.rotunda view 130730

The atrium structural steel can be seen in this view as well as the structure of the tower.

Rotunda View 13-04-12

The sanctuary windows and atrium are clearly visible in this March 27th picture.

Rotunda View 13-03-27

This picture was taken on February 13:

rotunda view 13-02-13_resize

Rotunda View Sept 20, 2012

Rotunda View August 28, 2012

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