Sheetrocking and Painting Continue

The pictures below were taken Tuesday, August 30th.  Additional framing continues while a majority of the sheetrocking has been completed.

We will likely have the tallest handbell closet this side of the Mississippi, if not in the entire US.bell closet framed

A majority of the Atrium has been sheetrocked and taping continues.  Painting on the window frames is underway.Atriium View NE 130730 atrium sheetrock completed

Sanctuary painting continues, and framing for the Tech Booth is completed along with a majority of the sheetrocking.sanctuary NE view 130730

tech booth framedEquipment and panels are being installed in the electrical room.electrical room

On the second floor the framing was completed for the two pastors’ offices and sheetrocking is finished in the breakroom.pastors offices framedbreak room 130730Preparation for stucco continues on the outside walls. west wall prepped for stucco