Truss Installation Over Sanctuary

Today the steel erection team continued installation of the steel truss system over the sanctuary.

The first step is to prepare the support platforms previously installed by the masonry teams.  Once it has been inspected, cleaned and prepared for welding the truss can be put in place.

Preparing for OWSJ installation-back wall of sanctuary

The high-lifter (capacity 10.000 lbs) positions a truss (weights less than 1,000 lbs) in place.

high lifter supporting steel truss

Once trusses are lifted into place they are welded to the side walls and cross braced to each other. Notice the cross-bracing from previous truss (look carefully for the triangle shape structures behind the installers heads on previous trusses).

OWSJ cross-bracing

This is the view from Sanctuary Santa Clara Street wall (South wall) looking north.Truss installation view from south Sanctuary