View Construction

Thanks to the IT Department at City Hall, we have an Axis NetCam positioned to see our construction site.  To watch a live view of the site, go here:

You will be asked to register to use the camera.  Use the following:

user ID:   user

Password:  sjfirstuser

If you experience any problems please send an email to:


One thought on “View Construction

  1. Greetings Im one of the Iron Workers who built the new church I had some pictures of the Church being built with me in it the trouble Im having is I lost all of them I had a great time helping build your Church and would like to ask if anyone could possible help me get new ones any help would make my family veary happy seems veary soon I will be retireing and we would like a record of some of my 30 yrs as an a Iron Worker thank you and God Bless

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