Views from the top

Next week steel will begin to flow into the site, accompanied by cranes and an additional fork lift.  Here are pictures taken from roof-level March 27th.  You can see many details from the top of the building 26′ 5 1/2″ in the air not visible from ground level.

This first picture is a view of the sanctuary and atrium areas taken from the back sanctuary wall which divides the east and west sections of the building.

Top View East to West framed by Rotunda

This picture is taken from the North east corner of the building looking over the atrium.

Top View Atrium from Youth Room

Here are two views of the sanctuary wall on Santa Clara street.  The first looking at the south east corner, the next at the south west corner.

Top View South East Corner

Top View South West Corner

This is a view of the north west corner taken from above the focal point.

Top View West and North Walls

You can see the cut-outs that will house the soon-to-be-installed truss system in these views of the south and west walls of the sanctuary and close-up of the back (west) wall of the sanctuary.

Top View South and West Walls

Top View Sanctuary rear wall framed by rotunda

This birdseye panorama of the east wall is distorted however shows the attachment ports for the truss system.  Notice the reinforced supports for the pipe organ chamber in the lower right of the east wall.

Top View East Wall Birdseye View

The scaffolding used for CMU construction will be removed starting March 28th.  These pictures show the high lifter as it is removing excess materials from the scaffolding on the north wall of the youth room.

Top View Material Moving

Top View High Lifter

Top View Material Xfer